Consider the above and make smart moves to reduce the cost your firm has to incur on a daily basis!As a businessman, accounting for cost is something that is challenging (especially when budgeting) and annoying at the same time. I’m sure every businessman’s dream would be to earn more profits with no cost, but the reality is that one cannot exist without the other. And so, a smart businessman would always make sure that he plans out his costs and means of covering them, accurately. This would include making the customer pay in certain instance. Here are such instances that you can do so.

Travel costs

When you need to personally make a visit to the customer to offer your services for their comfort, you have all the liberty and freedom to charge them for this. Simply said, there really is no reason for you to have to bear such costs as the client has the opportunity and space to easily make an effort and visit your workplace personally. However, it is your duty to mention to the client beforehand of the fact that you will be charging for travel costs and that it would be added to his final account. This way you are not only maintaining professionalism and reducing your MYOB bookkeeeping costs, but you are also avoiding any misunderstandings that might be caused with the client as well.

Other relevant expenses

Just like traveling costs, there might be other costs too that you should bear when it comes to dealing with a client. In such cases you have all the liberty to charge these from the client in order to make up for the added burden and responsibility you had to take up. so for an example if you are expected to travel to long places to sort out a client’s matter for him or her, in addition to bookkeeping the travel cost you can also include meal costs and any other incidental cost you had to incur. Although you might not really do so, know that there is all the freedom for you to do so.

Time on research

Finding information and filing out necessities to cater towards the customer’s demand, throughout the night, is certainly a cost that you have all the right to bill for. And most importantly it is research that you have the ability to easily account for. And if you want to be very specific about such time you spent on it to calculate the cost, you can use a time tracking app.


This is the most basic and obvious that you ought to know that you can charge from your client. any resources that you need in order to perform a certain task is certainly something that you can charge from your customer instead of bearing it on your own. If there are specialized equipment that you need to use, and you do own them as well, you can still charge on that too. So know what you can charge your customers for and reduce the cost burden you have to incur!