Most of see the same thing happening to our kids these days. They carry heavy bags to school and end up complaining of back aches towards the end of the week. Some of our kids even dread going to school every morning simple because of the fact that they have to carry these heavy bags and go. They know how hard it’s going to be. It is becoming a common problem these days. And you hear the kids complaining of their heavy backpacks almost every day before they go off to school. So parents have decided that a step needs to be taken towards solving this problem. Because they know that it can’t be overlooked for long. One thing is the health issues that keep coming up as a result of this and the other is the mentality of the students, who hate going to school juts because of the heavy bags they have to carry.sports lockersThe parents have a suggestionThe solution that the parents are suggesting is that the schools think about bringing back the use of lockers Melbourne for the students. Because this is the ideal answer to the problems that the students are facing. This way they would not have to carry the whole load of their books back and forth everyday form school. They can keep back whatever they don’t want to take back home for the day back at school itself and take back only what is necessary for them to do their homework. And they will only have to take back all their books home when they are going back home from school on Fridays when they would need all the books with them during the weekend. The use of such a space to store their books and belongings ensures that they remain safe as well, providing excellent relief from all the headaches that the students and parents alike are facing today.

For example schools can even think of including sports lockers because even the sports equipment’s of the students become a burden for them to carry along with their load of books. So it would be ideal for them if they can store it away after the practice is over tight inside the school premises, instead of carrying them home in a heavy bag. And this issue should be brought up in all schools because there have been many reported cases of students having falls due to the heavy bags they carry on their backs. Losing balance as a result of this. And having falls that can cause serious damage and sometimes can even end up being fatal.