As workplaces become more competitive, employees are often loaded with responsibilities and targets that are challenges to accomplish. Though these can be seen as motivation to push people to do their best, often it can have the opposite effect. Here are some common problems that often arise in modern workplaces when employees are pushed to their breaking point. 

Rise in absenteeism

This is one of the obvious outcomes when employees are pushed and they are unable to deliver. Indeed, it is often seen as a challenge to keep salespeople motivated when they are given sales targets that they find impossible to reach. Though managers often view high and difficult sales targets to be solutions to push people to be more productive, it can have the reverse effect if the situation continues for long and people are unable to reach such targets. Hence, if people seem to be off from the workplace more often than turning up fresh and energetic at work, it could be time to revisit team management strategies as well as employee rewards and recognition programs.

Lack of ownership of work responsibilities

In a competitive workplace scenario achievements are seen when employees own their work objectives. When team managers are able to motivate employees adequately, they are often willing to take on targets even when achieving them seems impossible. Team managers need to equip their teams with the right tools and resources that they need to meet such targets. Hence, along with assigning difficult targets to employees, the right kind of employee engagement programs also need to be planned that will help to create a supportive and encouraging work environment for teams.

Employee separation

This is one of the obvious outcomes in an overstressed work environment. When employees find themselves being pushed to deliver beyond working hours and seeing poor results, they get de-motivated. With high stress levels and failure to achieve work targets, employees lose the motivation to work. In such work environment, employees often decide to leave and search for better and more fulfilling work or job roles. When team members are changing often or resignations coming in frequently, it is a sign that team managers need to note. It is imperative that they make changes in their workplace policies or how they manage their teams in order to ensure that employees remain motivated and loyal to their work objectives.When the above signs are seen in a team based work environment, it is important to come up with a different approach to managing such teams in order to retain workforce and improve productivity.