Have you ever thought you’d end up here? It sounds like a fateful coincidence but given that the conditions are fulfilled for the sake of the incident, you cannot guarantee that it won’t just happen. If your infant is locked inside your vehicle as you’re reading this, things will be fine as long as you follow the instructions. And it’s always good to know what to do if this ever happened to you.Here are 5 instructions that you must follow when you infant is locked inside a vehicle. Make an effort not to panicIt is very normal feel anxious and uneasy seeing your child at a risk of running out of air inside your own vehicle, or worse, someone else’s vehicle. But overpowering your natural instinct to scream out and call for help, try to relax for the time being because there will be enough air for the kid for a very considerable time period.

Check if you don’t have the keys for sureIs it too obvious?

People tend to magically discover their keys as soon as door are broken down and glasses are shattered. Hence, before making a move, make sure that you do not possess the key for certain. It makes the situation escalate to more serious measures.Ensure that the vehicle doesn’t moveIf the vehicle is stopped on an inclined road, put something under the tired against the direction of moving although the handbrake is on. That way, you only need to worry about getting the door opened up.

Call a professional

There are a handful of lock specialist in the field across the country that will be very beneficial if the time of the incident was way past the typical working hours. Remember to search only for the ones who work all day long so that you won’t be wasting time or money. Once you have made the call, there are certain factors that you must pay extra attention to.

Be sure to mention the type and the model of the vehicle specifically because this would help the car locksmith know what he needs to bring and get on with the job quickly. Mention where you are exactly and if they request for it, provide them with live location via a messaging app or by a maps app. After that, wait patiently.

Avoid trying to break the glass

There are people who would always try you break the glass although they’re very aware that a professional is on the way. This would do the job but the collateral damage that you do to the vehicle, the baby and even yourself could be irreversible.